Interim Credentialing Assignments

If desired, an exempt staff member may be compensated for taking on an interim assignment.  This can be done either by providing the staff member a one-time payment or by adjusting the staff member's salary for a temporary period of time. There are general guidelines listed below.  If you are considering either option, contact Compensation for more information on appropriate rates and methods of payment.

Salary Adjustment

If the interim assignment is going to be three months or more, an adjustment to the staff member's salary may be the best method.  If this is the preferred method, contact Compensation to determine an appropriate amount.

Listed below are some basic steps to process a temporary pay adjustment for an interim assignment:

  1. Work with HR to determine an appropriate adjustment to the staff member’s monthly salary.
  2. Submit a PAF to establish the interim assignment.
    • Indicate the increased monthly salary (and an interim title if necessary)
    • Indicated the expected time frame
    • Indicate a reason for the change
  3. Once the interim assignment ends, submit a PAF to bring the staff member's salary back to the original amount.  Make sure to be mindful of the payroll deadlines when making these adjustments. Mistakes could cause a staff member to miss a paycheck or to be overpaid.

Sample PAF – Interim Assignment (Exempt)

One Time Payment

For interim assignments that are less than three months, a one-time payment provided at the end of the interim assignment may be the best method.  If this is the preferred method, contact Compensation to determine an appropriate amount.

Click here to find out how to process a one-time payment.

Credentialing is a pre-condition of work assignment at all of our client facilities. Any delay in providing the requested information will most likely result in a delay in your credentialing process and, unfortunately, a delay in our ability to place you on an assignment which could lead to the Client to request an alternative Candidate.  In some cases, a Client may not allow Mission Search to even submit a candidate for consideration of assignment without certain credentialing documents already in hand.  In other words……’The Early Bird May Catch The Worm.’

The links below will take you to an encrypted and HIPAA compliant site where you’ll be able to complete all the required forms without the need to download to your computer. Click here to see full instructions.

To maintain confidentiality and to expedite your credentialing process, DO NOT SEND credentialing documents to the recruiters or HR.

Joint Commision Required

TJC Health and Safety Modules

Core Competency Quiz

Locum Skills Checklists

Radiation Oncology Skills Checklist

Diagnostic Physicist Skills Checklist

For Locum and Interim Assignments Only

In an effort to follow the Joint Commission and our clients’ credentialing requirements, Mission Search requests certain credentialing documentation from Locum and Interim Consultants. Missing documents may delay your eligibility to be cleared for assignment at our client facilities.

Completing the initial credentialing package forms may take up to an hour to complete.  Please click the corresponding link below to request your credentialing forms and we will send you an email with specific instructions.

Required Reading: Assigned Employee Handbook (PDF)

Request Locum or Interim Executive Credentialing Package

Request Physician Credentialing Package

For Direct Hire Candidates Only

Education Verification

Radiation Oncology Skills Checklist

Diagnostic Physicist Skills Checklist

For Government Contracts /Assignments Only

Request Government Credentialing Package

Request Indian Health Services Credentialing Package

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