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Fate Essay

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     Fate. Fate is what controls our lives...or so some people think. Now what is the actual definition of Fate? The supposed force, principle, or power that predetermines events; the inevitable events predestined by this force. Now look at the word supposed. We don't even know if Fate exsists. If it does, why does it have to be predestined or predetermined? PRE is a prefix that means before. Now Fate happens based on something before? I thought it happened then and there not before. Some people believe a certian "god" or a selected individual controls their lives. This weekend I had a discussion with my two good friends Elliot and Adam. We started talking about religion and God. Now in the world…show more content…

I will discontinue the use of the capital F in fate now. A drunk could have just said fate was the real thing because he had a buzz going. Now if fate is actually real, it could be many things. It would be the food you eat, the playfulness you experience everyday, or the gifts you recieve for Christmas or . Fate is the ones you love, what you plan and determine to do with your life, and the idea of TRUE friendship. Fate is what happens to us, what determines your own well being most likely. Death for example is joined with fate. Death happens without notice. It may seem that we were fated to die, I think. I recently thought about this. Once we're dead, we are gone; forever. We live out our life, for however long we survive. But then, in an instant, *POOF*; we are dead. No knowledge of our death. We are no longer in the world. We exsist only in the memories of loved ones, friends, and enemies. My uncle on my father's side passed away Tuesday. I wish I would have gotten to know him better. I barely knew him. But it's too late. He is gone forever. No chance to bring him back. Another great conversation I had with my friends was when is it considered when your really dead. Are you dead when your body is totally inoperable? Or are you dead when your brain is non-functional but every other body part is functioning properly? We believed that you are dead when the brain is unable to perform its commands. Now what would happen when your dead and gone?

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The Results of Fate In Romeo and Juliet Essay

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Fate is a hidden, but unavoidable force that leads to certain consequences in people’s lives. The theme of fate plays a crucial role in the main characters of the play, Romeo and Juliet, by William Shakespeare. Romeo and Juliet share a destiny that dooms them to tragic deaths immediately after the exchange of their zealous love. Despite their resolute attempts to challenge their destiny, the lovers still succumb to the inexorable powers of fate. In the Shakespearean play, Romeo and Juliet, the principle of fate propels the lovers together with infatuation, tears them apart through a bitter demise, yet, ensures peace in Verona for many future generations.
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He is heartbroken that Rosaline does not return the love he has for her and prone to becoming fond of another woman. As shown in Act 1 of the play, fate manipulates Romeo and Juliet into a lovesick relationship that can only lead to a very tragic end.
On the contrary, fate also shreds Romeo and Juliet’s love with death and melancholy. The two have just been married, and they are at the apex of their love. Before they could even have a proper honeymoon, Tybalt comes with bad intentions. He feels that Romeo has insulted the Capulets by coming to their party. Tybalt ends up killing Mercutio, one of Romeo’s dearest friends, in a fit of rage. Romeo is thirsty for revenge and cannot sit back after his friend has just been killed so he hunts down Tybalt and murders him without thinking of the consequences. He instantly realizes the major flaw in what he has just done when he cries, “O I am fortune’s fool!” (125) Tybalt’s violent nature, which eventually causes his death, is simply a part of fate taking its course. Another instance where fate contributes to ending Romeo’s love with Juliet is when Romeo screams, “Then I deny you stars!” (213) He believes that Juliet is dead and wants to reject his fate by killing himself to be with her in death, but she is not dead. It is incredibly tragic for Juliet when she wakes up from her long sleep to

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