Da Form 4787 Reassignment Processing Times

Government Housing

Family Housing

Privatized Housing (On Post)

Fort Wainwright has more than 1,500 Privatized Housing Units located on post. The majority are within walking distance of elementary schools, the AAFES Shoppette, child care center and chapels. Depending on the number of PCS rotations and size of families departing, the wait for  housing can be from two months to a year. Typically, more than one-third of families assigned to Fort Wainwright reside off post in the Fairbanks and North Star Borough area for part of their tour of duty. The DoD policy of raising BAH rates to eliminate most out-of-pocket expenses for rental housing has greatly improved the ability of all ranks to obtain adequate, affordable, off-post housing. However, the vacancy rate is very seasonal and rental units become more expensive and difficult to obtain during the summer months.

Application and Eligibility

Service members may apply for housing by contacting North Haven Communities at 907-356-1881 or in person at the North Haven Office located in Building 3401, Santiago Road, first floor. Adjustments to eligibility dates for time in transit and temporary duty en route are made during the application process. Copies of all orders since departing the last primary duty station are needed for completion of the application.  The wait for on-post housing tends to change seasonally.

Housing Units are either two, three, four or five bedrooms. Most units are two-story four to eight-plexes, while field grade officer housing features duplexes and single family houses.   

Americans with Disability Act (ADA) modified housing (i.e. limited stairs, no stairs, wheelchair accessible)

Housing for families with ADA qualified members is available in limited quantities. It is very important for inbound families to coordinate any specific ADA housing needs with North Haven Communities (NHC) office in advance of their arrival at Fort Wainwright. Soldiers and family members qualifying under ADA will need to be enrolled in the Army Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP). A completed Family Member Deployment Screening Sheet (DA FORM 5888) must accompany the Reassignment Processing (DA Form 4787) to request travel of family members to the command. Immediately upon arrival at Fort Wainwright, the Soldier/family should contact the Housing Services Office (HSO) for assistance in locating rental housing. ADA Housing may not be available on post when you arrive, the HSO can assist you in locating adequate rental housing in the local economy until such time as ADA housing becomes available on post.

Single Service Member Housing

On-post housing is usually available for single personnel classified as bonafide bachelors (eligible for BAQ at the without dependent rate) arriving at Fort Wainwright. If quarters are not immediately available within 10 days of arrival, permission for renting off post will probably be approved. The waiting list time frames are subject to constant change. Be sure that you have the most updated information. It is suggested that sixty (60) days prior to your arrival, you call the housing office or check the web site. Single soldiers (E-6 and below) without family members may report to Housing on Day 1 or 2 of In-processing. Single, E-6 and above must report to Housing with a Quarters Application.



Housing residents are allowed to have only two pets living with them that do not live in cages (i.e. dogs and cats). USARAK requires all pets which are maintained in government quarters to be registered with the veterinary service within five working days of arrival on the post. A current certificate of rabies immunization for each dog and cat over 3 months of age must be presented at the time of registration.

Associated Links

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Public web site for all Army recruiting command needs.

Army Housing Online User Services
Army housing program's worldwide portal.

Last Name L-Z

All Enlisted Soldiers



Please download and review Reassignment Briefing Slides in order to assist with Out-processing procedures.  This briefing will answer many of your questions in regards to Sponsorship Programand receiving PCS orders.

USASD Reassignment Briefing 17 June 2016

PCS Orders Requirements

To receive orders, you must submit the following documents to the USASD Out-processing Team at usarmy.jackson.CAC.mbx.usasd-out-processing@mail.mil

CONUS (Cost and No-Cost moves are the same)

  • Request and Authority for Leave (DA Form 31) included in Out-processing Packet
  • Current Leave and Earnings Statement (LES)
  • Documents not included in Out-processing packet are linked and available below


Documents (linked) required to out-process:

DA Form 31(Request and Authority for Leave) Included in Out-processing packet

Examples for completing: DA Form 31, block 8, “ORGN, STATION AND PHONE NO.

Examples of unit address:

USASD/University Name or Training Location Name

Duty location address: Example, 499 N Hurst Bourne Parkway           

Duty Location City, State and Zip code: Example, Louisville, KY 40223     

Phone: Everyone will use the Staff Duty Phone number, (803) 429-5139

Current Leave and Earnings Statement(LES)

Current Officer Records Brief(ORB)

DA Form 5434(Sponsorship Program Counseling and Information Sheet) 

DA Form 5121(Overseas Tour Election Statement)

DA Form 4036(Medical and Dental Preparation for Overseas Movement)

DA Form 4787 (Reassignment Processing)

Family Member Verification Letter for OCONUS Accompanied (Included in Out-processing packet)

Family Member Declaration(Offense) for OCONUS Accompanied (Included in Out-processing packet)

SF 506(Physical Examination Medical Record)

DA Form 5888(Family Member Deployment Screening Sheet)

DA Form 7246 (Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP) Screening Questionnaire

DA Form 7415(Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP) Query Sheet)

Other documents required if applicable:

DD Form 2792(Family Member Medical Summary)

DD Form 2792-1(Special Education/Early Intervention Summary)

TDY Option Statement (For Service Members who are authorized movement of Family members at Government expense) Included in Out-processing packet

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