Franz Kafka The Judgement Analysis Essay

Essay on Analysis of Franz Kafka's The Judgement

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Franz Kafka's The Judgement depicts the struggle of father-son relationships. This modernistic story explores Georg Bendemann's many torments, which result from the bonds with both his father and himself. Furthermore, the ever-present and lifelong battle that Georg has been fighting with his father leads him to fight an even greater battle with himself. Ultimately, Georg loses the struggle with himself by letting go of his newly found independence and instead, letting external forces decide his fatal outcome.

Georg Bendemann's relationship with his father has always been a complex and undulating one. Initially, up until the death of Georg's mother, his father had had total control over Georg- both psychologically and business wise…show more content…

Obviously, things are turning around for Georg in a very positive light. However, it is this same turn-around that becomes problematic for Georg. Due to the huge discrepancy between Georg's past and present, he finds it hard to adjust to a new life. As a result, he still continues to play the role of the subservient son by constantly looking for his father's approval. Georg specifically seeks this approval when he goes to ask his father whether or not he should mail the letter to his friend in St. Petersberg (Lawson 20). After coming into his father's room Georg comments, "But before I posted the letter I wanted to let you know" (Kafka 82). However, during the discussion with his father, Georg does not receive a paternal approval and mentally falls apart as a result, which leads to the reversal of their father/son roles (Lawson 23). The turning point that leads to their role reversals is seen when the father lashes out after Georg tries to cover him up in bed (Lawson 23). This outburst is shown when the narrator states that the father "threw the blankets off with a strength that sent them all flying in a moment and sprang erect in bed" (Kafka 84). Now it is the father who is gaining strength and the son who is falling back once again. Georg's decrease in power is revealed when the narrator comments, "Georg shrank into a corner, as far away from his father as possible" (Kafka 85). At this point, the roles have switched and Georg is no longer in control.

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