Microwave Radio Frequency Assignments Afi

The radio spectrum refers to the section of the electromagnetic spectrum that holds all possible radio frequencies ranging from 3 kHz to 300 GHz. Radio frequency is used for radio communication technology, wireless networks and telecommunication systems. Amphenol RF interconnects range from the ultra high to the extremely high frequency range ranges with most of our products falling in the super high or microwave frequency range.

3 - 30 HzExtremely low frequencyELF
30 - 300 HzSuper low frequencySLF
300 - 3000 HzUltra low frequencyULF
3 - 30 kHzVery low frequencyVLF
30 - 300 kHzLow frequencyLF
300 kHz - 3 MHzMedium frequencyMF
3 - 30 MHzHigh frequencyHF
30 - 300 MHzVery high frequencyVHF
300 MHz - 3 GHzUltra high frequencyUHF
3 - 30 GHzSuper high frequencySHF
30 - 300 GHzExtremely high frequencyEHF

Radio Band Chart as designated by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU)

The below chart details our product series and the frequency at which they operate.

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