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Essay on International Day of the Girl Child


International Day of the Girl Child by United Nations is celebrated every year to prop up the women empowerment worldwide. It is true that the world is growing and getting more developed with each passing moment but there is still a large number of women population that remain behind the curtains even they posses immense knowledge and talent. That definitely shows the dark side of the society.The International Day of the Girl Child is one of many initiatives that have taken to uphold the girls of the society across the globe. Every year on 11th October the day is been celebrated worldwide. Events, programmes, seminars and such take place to showcase the empowerment of every girl child. Though it is not a public holiday but people do take out time to celebrate the day to prevent gender inequality, child marriage, domestic violence and girl abuse.

Origin Of International Day of the Girl Child

It was 19th December 2011 when United Nations declared the date to celebrate the International Day of the Girl Child worldwide. Since 2012 on 11th October people started celebrating the day every year in all the countries on the same date. The day was triggered after the project by a non-governmental organisation called Plan International. The project namely ‘Because I Am a Girl’ was taken place to raise the awareness of several issues regarding women in the society like gender inequality, child marriage and so on. Within no time the projects got acclamation and in 2011 UN had declared the International Day of the Girl Child.

History Of International Day of the Girl Child

Initially the project was said to be a resolution by the Canada’s Status of the Women Ministry. It was proposed In United Nations General Assembly as a resolution by the mentioned country. The Canadian Ministry has sponsored the presentation by a group of women who have showed the support towards the initiative taken by the Plan International in the UN Assembly. In 2011, on 19th December the UN members voted the project and gave it a green signal. Since then they have declared the date 11th October to be considered as the international day of the girl child.

Initiated byPlan International, an NGO
Accepted in2011
Declared byUnited Nations

Story Behind International Day of the Girl Child

It has been seen that girls still in some countries are living in the darkness of the society. Especially in the developing countries there are many issues regarding girl child occur that are being unnoticed. Sadly, when the world is developing in one side with gender equality, there are still many places where a girl does not get basic amenities like sanitization or hygienic life to survive. The International Day of the Girl Child is one such observant event that promotes the gender equality, women empowerment, women high quality of life and much more to encourage the women of the society.

1.Name International Day of the Girl Child
2.Origin Plan International, an NGO
3.First Celebration Date 11th October 2012
4.Celebration TypeInternational
5.Kind OfSocial Issue to observe women’s quality of life
6.Date TypeFix
7.Upcoming Celebration Dates for International Day of the Girl Child
8.        11th October, 2016
9.11th October, 2017
10.11th October, 2018
11.11th October, 2019
12.11th October, 2020

How it is celebrated?

  • Every year there is a different theme or agenda, like in 2012 it was ‘end of child marriage’, in 2013 it was ‘innovation of girls’ education’, in 2014, it was ‘empowering adolescent girls’ and finally in 2015, the last year it was the theme of ‘the power of adolescent girls’. Depending on these themes the events take place.
  • Non-governmental organisations are supporting some events in Australia. Girl Guides Australia is one such name of the NGO that supports their events on the Day of the Girl. They have arranged drama, workshop and seminars to endorse women empowerment.
  • In South Africa, there was a football match arranged by the local organisation on the day of the girl. They have distributed T-shirts to all the people out there. There were 20, 000 girls who have involved in the march that was taken place.
  • In 2013, Body Gossip, an organisation has sponsored an all-day event in South Bank in London. The event had drama, film acting, theatre and such activities.

New Celebration Ideas

  • There are several countries where girls don’t get much access to education, it is important to make them aware of it. By conducting seminars and events in the rural remote areas the awareness can be spread all over.
  • Distributing school stationeries, books, copies and such to the young girls on the day can be a part of the celebration. Poor people who don’t have much financial backup to send their girl child to the schools will appreciate this way of celebration.
  • Organising street shows and road dance and drama shows will be another way of celebrating the day. These street shows can attract more people’s attention than a theatre hall can.

Purpose of the celebration

  • The celebration takes place to spread awareness of the gender inequality and women empowerment worldwide. People must know about the importance of girl child.
  • A girl is also an important part of the society and one should value their life. The celebration will make people understand that girls need a better quality of life along with proper education and care.
  • Girl abusing, child marriage, killing of girl foetus should be prevented. To spread this message the celebrations take place across the globe.

Impact on Society of the Day of the Girl

  • The society has taken the issue very seriously as many of the nations still have such pathetic customs for the girls like inequality, child marriage and such.
  • The initiative that the Plan International had taken now becomes one of the biggest issues in all the countries, especially in developing countries.

Response of the society

The issue was always a sensitive one for all the society. Almost all the countries have taken the day quite seriously and started celebrating the day in a big manner. A lot of countries have taken several initiatives to support this action and started many schemes and programmes for the girl child in the family.

Pros and Cons

Increases the awareness of gender inequalityReaching a vast population is a long process
Allowing different people from different background to participate in the celebrationMost of the remote areas still don’t get any access to outer world
Different activities promote women empowermentA part of the society may take advantages of these facilities that can affect others adversely
There are several events and seminars take place regarding hygiene of the women especially during menstruationMany of the women from rural areas don’t know about the hygiene and health care during their menstruation days.
Raising the percentage of prevention of girl abuseSome of the issues are sensitive and girls may not be comfortable to talk about it in public.
Raises the educational awareness among the familyThere are some areas where there is no proper school where students can be sent
Encourages girls to make their own decisionsSome of the activities can violet the culture of specific communities
Enhances the worldwide status of the womenEvents that are taking place can offend the society by their gesture of showing gender issues.


The status of women is still in vain when it comes to a developing or undeveloped country. There is a large part of the women population that still is struggling to get their rights to survive in male dominating world. Celebrating the International Day of the Girl Child is one such initiative that spreads the awareness of such women related issues in the society. The day is not declared as the public holiday however it is celebrated in all the nations in different manner.


Speech On International Day of the Girl Child

A study says, over 700 million girls under 18 across the globe are facing the cruel side of the society at this moment. Most of them are aged between 12 and 15 who are being forced to get married at this age. It is obvious that at this very young age they neither have any idea of the word marriage nor the sexual activities they have to perform in their married life. This incident leads them to face unwanted pregnancy, unhygienic life and various other health issues.

Surprisingly, most of the young girls think that beating up the wives and abusing them is a common factor in any ‘successful’ marriage. They accept the fact that beating up by the husband is nothing but a day-to-day domestic incident. On an average with each passing minute nearly 10 girls lose their life due to domestic violence.

A recent survey depicts that more than 44% of the girls aged between 15 and 19 across the planet are being forced to involve in sexual relationship, some of them are being kidnapped and tortured sexually for the pleasure.

To prevent all these cruel activities against women and save the girl child one must make a move. We make the society and it is only us who can change it. International Day of the Girl Child is one such movement towards the big change in the society. We all should join our hands to make it larger to stop all kinds of violence and inequality against women.


Quotes & Status On International Day of the Girl Child

The most wonderful miracle of life is the girl child.


Even when a female is in the womb, she still has full right to her body.


Women are graceful, full of wonders, they should be admired


Daughters are the best gifts to the parents.


Girls are worth in every sense more than the Gold.


Women are compassionate and inspiring; they must be handled with proper care.


Under the hair and makeup it is the heart of a woman that carries unending love for all.


Do not end her life before she starts breathing.


If she is making the world bright then why she has to struggle to see the light!


Give them wings to fly don’t give them the reasons to cry.


Other :

National Girl Child Day

Definition of the National Girl Child Day

Every Child in the country is very important as they are said to be the future of the Country. Every Child requires the love of their Parents to grow up in a better manner. National Girl Child Day is celebrated on the 24th January for the Girls to get respect and honour in the country. Every Girl has the power to develop and maintain the country to achieve the Goal of better Country for the welfare of the Country. It is very important for the Girl to make a develop Nation to reach a great position. Girl position in today’s Country is very critical in some Countries where it is very wrong to dislike them as they make the people run their house almost every Country.

Every Girl has the power to encourage the people to make every activity to become accurate for the welfare of the people. Every Girl has the power to rule the world by their Mental power. It is very essential for the Girl to make the people carry out every task to complete in a better manner for the welfare of the people. Every people should provide equal rights to every Girl and Boy for the equality in the Country.

There are many places where Girls are considered as the low level than the Boys, and it is not good for the people to disrespect the Girls. Girls are not able to provide any type of love from their parents, and they get upset from the Parents. Girls should get every respect and position like the Boys get by the society in the Country. Girls are usually considered as the negative side in the some parts of the Country. Some people are used to provide the respect to the Girls as they considered them as the Mahalaxmi. So every people should respect and make every Girl get the education for the better future of the Country.

Girls in the Country should get every right as equal to every citizen in the Country. Girls develop the society to make it a better for the welfare of the Nation. It is very important for the people to cultivate a better attitude towards the Girl Child. Girls should get the education to eliminate the bad things in the Country. Every Country can get the people to make the Strong and prosperous for the better life of the people. Girls should be provided with the upper most position in the Country.

Small Girls are very innocent, and they should be able to treat in a better manner by which they can get every kind of love from the people. Girls require every kind of love from their Parents. Girls are very important to make the child grow a Stronger in the world by which they can make the world smarter and live in a better way. Girls should be able to get every knowledge of the things which they are required for their well being. So it is important for every people to make sure that the Girls should carry out many tasks to perform every activity in a right manner.

There are many Girls who carry every task to be completed in a right manner. Girls are considered as the future of the Country. Girls should be respected by everyone to make them provide the Equality and Justice. It is important to maintain a peace and discipline in the Country by the people to make the Country to achieve a great target. So every Girl is important in every Country to develop the Country in a better way.

Reason for Celebration of the National Girl Child Day

Girls are used to getting every right and respect by the people in any Country. People celebrate the National Girls Child day on the 24th January to provide them with every respect and better position in the Country. Girls should get the rights from the people and positive attitude towards the Girl to watch every Girl with a good point of view. Girls provide every people to get the right idea and plan to cultivate every task to complete in a better manner. There are many Girls Child Institute, Schools and Colleges opened up for the Girls to get them education about the world in which they reside. They should be provided with every kind of knowledge of the Past and Present things happening in the Country to get them every safety against bad people.

Many people treat the Girls with the bad manner as they considered them as the Low Class. They should give a position as same as every Boys and people should be able to get it. There is a law made by the Government that every people should give every Girl a proper nourishment and healthy life by which she can make every kind of task complete to make every house prosperous and positive to achieve every success. The government of India has made many laws and rules for the people that they should provide every right and respect to the Girls to make the Country prosper.

The government has stated that every Girl child should be provided with proper education and they should treat better in the Country. There are many rules of the Government about the Girls to make them better to help India to come ahead in many fields. Government now-a-days has made many ideas and plans to make the Girls more secure from many types of problems and issues. They should be saved from many dirty activities in many Countries. The government also enforces many rules to punish many people when someone treats the Girls in a wrong way. So it is important for the people to not underestimate the Girls and they should be treated with respect and every kind of good attitude towards the Girls from the people. So people have to make the Girls achieve a great success in every part of the field.

The government also enforces many rules to punish many people when someone treats the Girls in a wrong way. So it is important for the people to not underestimate the Girls and they should be treated with respect and every kind of good attitude towards the Girls from the people. So people have to make the Girls achieve a great success in every part of the field.

Rights of the National Girl Child in India

There are many rights provided by the Government to the Girls by which they can be able to get every Right for the welfare of the Country. The government has strictly announced that Girls can move around in every Country and they can perform every task as every citizen has the rights to perform. There are many Laws and Rules enable by the Government to provide every right to the Girl Child.

1) The government has blocked the Determination of the Sex when the Women become pregnant.

2) Girls Child marriages are restricted by the Government.

3) Care should be taken of the pregnant Women for the Child to remain healthy and Strong in their Stomach.

4) The government has made the scheme of “Save a Girl Child” for announcing the people to get them in a right way to accept the Girl Child.

5) The government has declared to provide the Girls education till the 14 years of age for nurturing the good rite in them.

6) The government has many Laws of Anti- Sati, Anti- MTP to make the Women get employment and Status to the Women.

7) The government has done Five Years Plan to look after the Education Status of the Backwards States in India.

8) The government has made the rules to get equal rights and also opportunities to the Girls for their better Future.

9) The government has created the “Operation Blackboard” for the Girls by which every Teacher gets the Higher Education for making every Students better in the Education.

10) A government has opened up many Balwadi crèches for caring many babies and also make them to visit the primary schools.

Aim of National Girl Child Day Celebration

Every Girl should get equal importance as the Boys in the Country. Every Girl is special, and they should provide every equal rights and opportunity to the people of India. There are many reasons for the Government to celebrate a Girl Child Day in India. They are as follows -:

1) National Girl Child Day is celebrated to make the Girl get all the opportunities and rights for their betterment.

2) The government of India is used to eliminate the Inequalities used to face by the Girls in the Country.

3) The government has stated that every Girl should get every respect and right in the society of the Country.

4) The government made the Rule increase the sex ratio in India and to change the mind of the people to get every equal right to the Girl Child.

5) The government made the rule to make the people to behave in a right manner with the Girl and to provide the same emphasis to them.

6) To make the people know about the Girl’s Education, Respect, Health and Nutrition.

7) To get the Equality of the Gender for the people.

8) To provide them equal rights to move around every part of the country by allowing every Girl to move to every part of the Country in India.




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