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Now that it's part of the Baltimore metropolitan area and by extension the Washington - Boston megalopolis, it's become a suburban bedroom community of sorts. Still, the roots of its history are everywhere. The Dundalk Historic District is listed on the national registry and includes many buildings from the 19th and early 20th centuries. The options for renters range from the historic to the modern. With the apartment vacancy rate running at just under ten percent, apartment hunters have options. Still, looking as early as possible gives you flexibility. Make a list of properties you are interested in and go through them until you find the perfect match for your lifestyle. Dundalk is close enough to Baltimore that it's possible to commute fairly easily, using either a car or public transportation. If you are considering making this part of Maryland your home, here's a look at a few of the neighborhoods renters might be interested in.

North Point: Running parallel to the waters of Back River and along both sides of I-695, this part of town includes industrial parks and manufactured home communities mixed in with yacht clubs and equipment yards and rows of townhouses. Sparrows Point Country Club is at the south end. $$

Harborview: Going north from the campus of Community College of Baltimore County Dundalk, this area includes the massive Sacred Heart and Saint Andrews cemeteries and moves on up past Harborview Park to the Oaklawn cemetery. Fortunately for the living who are looking to rent an apartment, there is housing too.$$$$

Sollers Point


ACLU Foundation of Maryland

Since 1994, the ACLU has been a champion of students’ rights to an adequate education in Baltimore City.  Its Education Reform project has been instrumental in advocating for increased statewide funding for Baltimore City Public Schools (City Schools) through the Bridge for Excellence legislation... Read More


Afterschool “Academic Sports”

Despite the growing number of afterschool options in Baltimore, there are very few scholastic after-school activities that offer the benefits of encouraging teamwork, leadership, and problem solving, while buttressing in-school academic performance.  The Abell Foundation has invested in building a... Read More


Baltimore Education Research Consortium (BERC)

Data collection and analysis are critical sources of knowledge and support for large school districts and their boards.  Research departments within school systems, however, are tasked with responding to local and state compliance mandates rather than addressing critical longer term policy issues... Read More


BARD High School Early College

The percentage of Baltimore City public high school graduates enrolling in college has been declining, and now hovers at 44 percent.  In addition, fewer students are choosing four-year colleges, and 75 percent of those who do enroll in college require remedial coursework. Generally, only 30 percent... Read More


National Academic League

The National Academic League (NAL) is a competitive scholastic extracurricular program designed to increase middle school achievement, and sponsored by the Abell Foundation since 1993. Nearly 600 sixth-through eighth grade students on 28 Baltimore City public school teams compete bi-weekly in an... Read More


Reading Partners

Reading Partners is a national nonprofit that recruits, trains, and supports community volunteers to increase the amount of time and personnel available during the school day to deliver data-driven, one-on-one tutoring to students in kindergarten through fifth grade.  With Abell Foundation start-up... Read More



Research, most notably the work of Johns Hopkins researcher Karl Alexander (2001), has identified summer vacation as the culprit in widening the achievement gap in reading between low-income children and their wealthier peers. Termed “summer slide,” low-income children lose, on average, three... Read More


Teach for America, Baltimore

Research consistently demonstrates that high-quality teaching is the most important factor impacting student learning; furthermore, teacher and principal quality accounts for 60 percent of the impact on student achievement.  Despite the growth of alternative teacher certification pipelines, teacher... Read More



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