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Prices available only after sending full assignment details, no chat support, outdated website, no clear list of services
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While students may not want to place all their faith in our review and check out some others before making a final decision on their essay writing service, we advise seeking an alternative to

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Students struggle sometimes to tell when an essay writing service is a scam, and when it’s trustworthy. Fortunately we have experience in this field, and are now producing honest reviews so Canadian students can make an informed decision before they hand their money and their education over to an essay writing service. Today we hope to answer the burning question: is Essay Experts legit?


The first thing many students will notice about is the fact that the website is very dates, and almost looks like spam or a pop up. This casts doubt on the legitimacy of the services it provides. It’s hard to tell what this website aims to provide as there are no drop-down boxes, instead you simply fill in the blanks, and you have to hope that they are equipped to deal with what you’re asking for, and really understand the system in Canada.

The other side of this web design is that’s exactly how proper websites looked like a decade ago, so may be they just stick to a website which is well recognized by their clients. It would be nice to see a more user-friendly website with some latest technologies though.


The poor format of the website makes the service it offers seem sketchy. When you login, you don’t get a lot of information, and the services aren’t transparent which is all very concerning. There are very vague promises of highly skilled writers, however nothing to guarantee that your writer is a native English speaker, or even a holder of a graduate degree. As you don’t get to choose the grade you want it could be difficult to get a refund, as there is technically no breach of contract.

However, their samples look totally okay and will pass for most cases.


There’s no obvious discount code or coupon for this website, ad more worryingly, there’s no clear and transparent pricing system. You have to fully submit your order in order to see the price, which isn’t great for anyone who wants a quick quote without commitment, or handing over details. This isn’t the best system, as many students would prefer to know what they are getting into, and don’t appreciate businesses hiding information such as pricing.


While there are phone numbers and an email address, there are no social media links which is very strange for a modern business that is aimed at young people. Not only is this bizarre, but a lot of the font on the website is not in English characters, so it’s doubtful that you will get through to an English-speaking phone line. The are phone numbers available for Toronto and Vancouver, an email address, but no online chat unfortunately. The company claims to have a walk-in offices in Toronto, Vancouver and Los Angeles, which we are not able to verify at the moment.

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